Decor that leaves a
lasting fragrance.

At Wedding Decor India,
we understand the role
beautiful decor can play on
your special day.

The decor itself might be temporary, but
what stays is its fragrance — be it in
your photographs, your memories, or
your relationships. The decor might be
ephemeral, but the joys and the delight it
brings are real.

A fragrance that spans
multiple countries and

Having done all kinds of events across
35+ cities all over India along with
many international projects over the
past 54 years, we know the pulse of
the wedding industry.

And due to our absolute size and
scale, we just can’t be beat when it
comes to executing grand ideas.

Our History

Decades of working
with some big names.

We cannot deny it. We’ve worked with
some big names. In fact, one of our
events was featured in the Top 10 biggest
weddings of 2004 and is considered to
be one of the biggest Indian weddings of
all time.

But we don’t want to take any names.
Let’s save some of the big stuff for the
small talk.

    All things Decor,
    and much, much

    We know you’re in this for the big picture: a riot of colour, a sense of grandeur, and an experience that’s just perfect.

    Take a look to see our whole range of work and services and figure out if we can give you that dream experience you’re looking for. (We can!)

    Our Portfolio and Services

    Feed your imagination.

    Our Instagram page is the easiest way to create your dream
    moodboard and share your imagination with your loved ones.

    Work with us.

    The journey from moodboard to reality is fraught with little details that often go ignored. Not with us.

    If you think you can design a grand vision and back it up with meticulous execution, we would like to collaborate with you. Send us your portfolio along with a short cover letter to careers [email protected]